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Bitwarden with Velocity Offer the Modern Medieval Approach to Password Management

Bitwarden with Velocity Offer the Modern Medieval Approach to Password Management


It’s the business epic drama that no one really wants to watch, but everyone needs to know about.


As a business manager, you’re entrusted with the task of fortifying your business kingdom against the relentless onslaught of cyber threats. Every decision you make, every tool you choose, must be a shield that doesn’t compromise on usability or slow down your troops in their mission.


In the world of digital warfare, where time is a precious currency, the choice is not just about defence but also about the seamless flow of operations.


Bitwarden, who we recently proclaimed as the unsung hero of password management, steps onto the battlefield not just as a protector of your kingdom but as a catalyst for teamwork and collaboration.


Picture this: your team charged with the guardianship of social media accounts, credit card information, and a multitude of logins. Velocity conjures its IT magic, shining the light over your enterprise to bestow Bitwarden as your trusted companion and the keyholder to your digital realm.


Bitwarden: A Productivity Elixir


At the heart of Bitwarden’s magic lies its ability to boost productivity. Collections and user groups transform your team into a well-oiled machine, securely sharing logins and vault items with ease. No more futile cries for that elusive one-time passcode, for Bitwarden’s authenticator conjures it with a mere keystroke.


But Bitwarden doesn’t stop at internal collaboration; it extends its hand even to those outside your kingdom. Bitwarden Send, a secure envoy, lets you share encrypted texts and files effortlessly with allies beyond your fortress walls. Imagine sending sensitive new product information to an outside agency, knowing that Bitwarden Send is your unbreakable seal of secrecy.


Seamless Access Across Realms


A password saved is only as good as your ability to access it. Bitwarden transcends the boundaries of platforms and offers the gift of cross-platform functionality. With free, limitless cloud hosting, your vault is never held hostage by limitations. Whether online or offline, Bitwarden ensures your access is uninterrupted, safeguarding your keys to the digital realm.


Bitwarden: Time’s Keeper


Time, as they say, is money. Bitwarden understands this and saves you both. It simplifies password management, generating and storing passwords at lightning speed. Autofill becomes your magical incantation, summoning passwords to login pages with a mere flick of your fingers. No more fumbling through notes or resetting forgotten passwords. Bitwarden turns wasted minutes into a treasure trove of time.


Empowering Teams to Thrive


Bitwarden doesn’t just save time; it empowers teams to thrive and self-manage. With user groups and collections, logins are shared intuitively, and permissions are granted with precision. Team leads can take charge of password change requests, sidestepping the hassle of IT tickets. In the realm of enterprises, Bitwarden offers a custom role, granting even finer access controls for seamless team management.


The Cost of Ignoring the Dragon: Data Breach


Every battle has consequences, and the cost of ignoring the dragon of data breaches can be devastating:


  1. Opportunity Cost: With systems under siege, valuable projects are shelved, and new sales opportunities slip through your fingers.


  1. Ransom: Ransomware attacks can lead to hefty ransoms, with an average of $570,000 in 2021, according to Palo Alto Networks.


  1. Legal Battles: Breach laws and potential class action lawsuits can lead to regulatory fines and reparation costs.


  1. Reputation Damage: In the business realm, reputation is everything. A tarnished reputation can deter partners, investors, and top talent from associating with your kingdom.


Bitwarden: Safeguarding and Prosperity


In the age of cyber threats, Bitwarden emerges as your trusted guardian, strengthening your fortress while boosting productivity. It fosters impeccable password security habits among your troops, safeguarding your kingdom against the harrowing consequences of data breaches.


Bitwarden enables the creation, storage, autofill, and sharing of strong, randomly generated passwords. It provides access from any device and ensures protection with two-step login. With enterprise policies, it offers central management of website credentials and facilitates collaboration at any scale.


As you stand at the helm of your business fortress, remember that Bitwarden and the guiding hand of Velocity are your allies in this digital battleground, helping you not just survive but thrive. In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, they are the guardians of your digital destiny.


None of us really have time for fairy stories. Contact Velocity for the same truth and outcomes, minus the drama and intrigue.

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