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Cyberattacks are Growing More Sophisticated – Has Your Cybersecurity Evolved?


Has your business made adequate investments in cybersecurity? If you’ve let your guard down, know that the cybercriminals have been busy developing ever more sophisticated attack vectors.


Keeper Security, a Chicago-based tech company that offers password management services, recently commissioned an independent research firm to survey over 800 IT security leaders globally about looming developments on the cybersecurity horizon.


An overwhelming 95% of IT leaders said cyberattacks “are more sophisticated than ever before”.


The following attack vectors are increasing the fastest:


1. Phishing

2. Malware

3. Ransomware

4. Password attacks

5. Denial of service (DoS)


The following were identified as the most serious emerging vectors:


1. AI – powered attacks

2. Deepfake technology

3. Supply chain attacks

4. Cloud jacking

5. Internet of things (IoT) attacks


While the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence – specifically generative AI – are fueling exciting new developments in retail, healthcare, cinema, design, and finance, they’re also increasing the sophistication of malware attack, phishing scam, and deepfake scams.


“As the latest scams show, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. In fact, it’s becoming even harder to spot scams unless you’ve been trained to look out for the red flags,” notes Stuart Sanders, Velocity’s Chief Technology Officer.


“You could be participating in a video conference call with your colleagues and bosses, not realising that the ‘people’ in the call are all actually deepfakes generated by cybercriminals. You can’t always trust your own eyes and ears anymore,” he added.


“Successful cyber attacks could lead to major financial losses for companies, arising from the theft of corporate information, financial information, and money. There are also major reputational and business continuity risks.”


To fend off the latest wave of cyber threats, Stuart said companies need to invest in top-notch security awareness training for their employees.


“Your employees are at the front line of dealing with major threats. To safeguard your assets, consider investing in Velocity’s Security Awareness Training. Our program focuses on educating your employees and business partners on how to protect your organisation’s critical IT data, people, systems, and devices from internet-based criminals and threats.”


While Velocity’s Security Awareness Training can be implemented as a standalone program, it can also be incorporated into your organisation’s broader compliance training.


“You can tap into our smaller programs or delve deeper into bespoke security training for your organisation. Your choice will depend on your business needs, stage of growth, compliance requirements, as well as market requirements,” Stuart said.


“Phishing, ransomware, and malware are often targeted at end users. Empowering your employees with the ability to recognise and counteract such threats will go a long way in protecting your organisation’s assets, data, and financial resources.”


“By minimising the likelihood of security incidents and breaches, organisations can also maintain a more resilient and secure environment.”


If you’d like to learn more about Velocity’s Security Awareness Training options and helping your employees become human firewalls, get in touch for a free consultation.

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