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Get Ahead of Crooks on the Dark Web to avoid a 23andMe crisis

Get Ahead of Crooks on the Dark Web to avoid a 23andMe crisis


Dark Web Monitoring is emerging as a strategic counterintelligence move for business leaders, offering a proactive line of defence against cyber threats lurking in the unseen corners of the Internet.


As reported recently in the Guardian, there are chilling revelations playing out for genetic testing company 23andMe with DNA ancestry information of around 7 million people snared by hackers intent on selling this information via the dark web.


Hackers broke into 23andMe’s site early in October, and stole customer data which was first discussed on BreachForums, a black-hat hacking crime forum attuned to dark web activities.


The hackers claimed the sample contained 1m data points exclusively about Ashkenazi Jews.  According to the forum, there also seemed to be hundreds of thousands of users of Chinese heritage affected by the leak.


Hackers then began selling 23andMe profiles for between $1 and $10 per account, with information revealed that included some details about genetic ancestry results, like “broadly European” or “broadly Arabian”.


Later, hackers released 23andMe user information containing records of 4 million users. The hackers claimed the information included people from the UK with some of the “the wealthiest people living in the US and western Europe on this list”.


It’s hard to believe the lengths cyber criminals will go to make evil use of stolen data, reinforcing the need to be vigilant at all times.


Safeguarding sensitive information has become an indispensable priority for companies across various industries. This is where Velocity steps in with its cost-effective dark web monitoring service.


What is the Dark Web?


The dark web is an elusive realm of the Internet that is inaccessible to conventional search engines. It hosts a secret marketplace where stolen data is traded, including sensitive corporate information. This area of the internet is often utilised for illicit activities—such as the sale of stolen credentials, personal information, drugs, weapons, and other illegal goods and services.


Velocity’s dark web monitoring service acts as a vigilant guardian, tirelessly scanning these obscured networks to identify any compromised data linked to your business or clients.


Why Choose Velocity’s Dark Web Monitoring Service?


Proactive threat detection is the cornerstone of our dark web monitoring service. Rather than waiting for a data breach to occur and dealing with the aftermath, we take a preventive stance.


By continuously monitoring the dark web, we identify potential risks in real-time, alerting your business at the first sign of compromised credentials, compromised financial information, and other leaked sensitive data. This early warning system empowers your company to act swiftly, mitigating the impact of a potential breach before it escalates.


Moreover, the comprehensiveness of our dark web monitoring is unparalleled. The dark web is a labyrinthine space, and tracking down stolen data within it requires specialised expertise and sophisticated tools.


Velocity’s service scans diverse underground forums, marketplaces, and hidden websites, leaving no stone unturned. This extensive coverage ensures that businesses receive comprehensive protection, no matter where their compromised data might surface.


Just as importantly, our dark web monitoring service operates with an unwavering commitment to client confidentiality and compliance.


Understanding the sensitivity of the information involved, our service ensures that client data remains secure throughout the monitoring process.


Compliance with data protection regulations is upheld diligently, providing businesses with peace of mind that their information is handled with the utmost care and in adherence to legal requirements.


Stop Data Leakages with Velocity


Failure to safeguard your organisation’s sensitive data could lead to costly consequences. According to a 2020 study by IBM Security, the average cost of a data breach was $3.86 million per incident.


In an ever-evolving digital landscape where cyber threats mutate and grow in sophistication, a reactive approach is no longer adequate. Velocity empowers businesses to adopt a pre-emptive stance against potential breaches, fortifying their cybersecurity posture and bolstering their resilience in the face of evolving threats.


We offer an advanced suite of cybersecurity services that leverage cutting-edge dark web monitoring tools. These are deployed to monitor thousands of resources across the dark web, including millions of unindexed pages and I2P pages.


To learn more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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