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How to Minimise Blindspots in CyberSecurity – Independent Testing


As business leaders reluctantly wade through the complexities of cybersecurity, ensuring fit-for-purpose robust defences has become a non-negotiable aspect of operations.


The effectiveness of your cybersecurity measures relies heavily on the integrity of the behind-the-scenes assessments conducted. At Velocity, we cannot emphasise enough the pivotal role that independent, third-party penetration testing plays in strengthening your business’s security posture.


Why Does Independence Matter in Cybersecurity Testing?


Independence matters in cybersecurity testing because it helps eliminate blind spots and biases. When businesses rely solely on internal teams or affiliated entities for security assessments, inherent biases or preconceived notions may obscure potential vulnerabilities.


These blind spots can prove to be Achilles’ heels, leaving businesses susceptible to undetected threats.


In contrast, independent testing brings an unbiased perspective, free from internal influences, vested interests, or familiarity with the system architecture.


This impartial view is instrumental in identifying vulnerabilities that might otherwise remain concealed. Third-party testers approach assessments with fresh eyes, mimicking the tactics of real-world attackers. This helps uncover potential weak points that can be exploited.


At Velocity, we understand the gravity of unbiased evaluations. Our emphasis on partnering with a range of leading cybersecurity experts with skills and methods best suitable for your business ensures a rigorous and impartial examination of your systems.


This approach provides an unvarnished view of your security landscape, offering invaluable insights into areas that need fortification.


Third-party testers also offer a breadth of experience across diverse industries and scenarios. This breadth exposes them to a wide variety of cybersecurity challenges and solutions, enabling them to bring a wealth of knowledge to each assessment. Such expertise enhances the quality and comprehensiveness of their evaluations.


The benefits of independent testing extend beyond the identification of vulnerabilities. It creates confidence in your security infrastructure, validating the effectiveness of existing measures or highlighting areas that require immediate attention.


As for regulatory compliance and industry standards adherence, independent assessments are often a requirement, ensuring businesses meet essential benchmarks.


Let Velocity Bolster Your Security Posture


To ensure a successful outcome to your cybersecurity check, it’s important to choose a reputable firm with a proven track record in conducting thorough and unbiased assessments. Certifications and accreditations in the cybersecurity domain serve as credible indicators of a tester’s competence and adherence to professional standards.


Velocity draws on the expertise of various specialist penetration testing organisations to support the client-side analysis of business risks. The resulting intel is used to inform strategic decision-making and bolster your organisation’s overall security posture. We do this in recognition that our clients operate across many different industries with a huge variety of needs and regulatory obligations.


To learn more about our fully managed IT service and suite of business solutions, get in touch for a free consultation. Contact us.

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