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Malware Was Found Pre-installed in Mini PCs: Is Your Business at Risk?


Are you purchasing new computer software and hardware for your business? Procuring software and hardware from disreputable vendors could expose your business to all types of risk – including malicious spyware and phishing attacks.


Case in point is the recent line of mini PCs from AceMagic. Jon from the popular YouTube channel The Net Guy Reviews claims to have found spyware inside the AceMagic AD08 mini-PC during one of his product reviews. Other models by AceMagic – namely the AD15, AK1, and the S1—also allegedly came pre-installed with spyware.


As originally reported in the site Tom’s Hardware, Windows Defender detected potentially malicious files in the recovery partition of the NVMe drive installed inside the AceMagic AD08. Two types of infected files were found: the ENDEV and EDIDEV, with the malware belonging to the Bladabindi and Redline families.


These types of malware can extract data from infected systems, steal stored passwords from crypto wallets and browsers, and log victim’s keystrokes, among other malicious activities. Jon then performed a complete system scan, which revealed more spyware files hiding inside the Windows folder.


VirusTotal confirmed Windows Defender’s diagnostics, and a total of 50 security vendors have flagged the files as malicious.


Similar malware was discovered in the AK1, as reported by the Amazon customer, Richard Deno Meanwhile, the LED control software of the S1 was found to contain a different malware.


Jon proceeded to email AceMagic’s customer service, and a representative replied back. According to the customer rep, the malware issue was limited to the first shipment (which Jon had received). The customer rep further claimed that the malware issue had been fully resolved and no more malware issues should be detected in future orders.


While it remains unknown how many AceMagic mini PCs were infected by malware, Tom’s Hardware recommends running a full virus scan if you’ve recently purchased an AceMagic mini PC with its original Windows installation.


Trust the Experts When It Comes to Technology Investment Decisions


“Procuring hardware that comes pre-installed with malware is just one of the risks businesses expose themselves to when they fail to entrust procurement to trustworthy IT managed service advisors,” notes James Dwyer, Velocity’s COO.


“At Velocity, our clients receive Fully Managed IT Services. This includes leveraging our expertise and industry connections to ensure that our clients acquire the most appropriate and secure technology solutions for their operations.


“Technology investments can be expensive and making the wrong decisions could expose your organisation to reputational, financial, and business continuity risks,” James said. “At Velocity, we carefully screen all vendors before recommending new IT tools, hardware, and software to our clients. Their safety and well-being is always top of mind for us.”


Velocity also provides IT Security Services and Security Awareness Training Training to safeguard clients from potential hacker attacks, as well as educate employees about the latest cybersecurity best practices.


To learn more about services, consider get in touch for a free consultation.

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