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Prioritise Microsoft 365 & Cloud Transition Over Shiny New AI Toys


Artificial intelligence (AI) was a major tech disruptor in 2023—upending entire industries and businesses. Major milestones include the introduction of  ChatGPT-4 and Google Gemini, with the latter positioned as a major contender to OpenAI’s GPT-4.


While AI’s ability to innovate traditional business models cannot be overstated, it’s important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to focus on adopting modern workplace principles without getting distracted by “shiny new toys”, says David Armitage, Velocity’s CEO.


According to David, businesses are being presented with so many new tech innovations that it can be both confusing and overwhelming.


“On one hand, you want to leverage the latest AI tools to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create profitable new opportunities. On the other hand, you’re monitoring the headlines, hoping the latest AI tools won’t make your business redundant or give your competitors an edge over you,” he said.


David firmly believes the best investment SMEs can make to future-proof their organisations is to adopt Microsoft 365 and transition to cloud computing.


“Don’t be distracted or intimidated by the latest headlines. If your business is still running on legacy systems, like HCL Notes (Lotus Notes Domino), then it’s time to upgrade to the cloud and adopt Microsoft 365. Focus on getting your house in order and take meaningful steps to plan your digital transformation to avoid getting left behind by your competitors.


“Microsoft 365 boasts a versatile and cloud-based Office Suite that is compatible with many operating systems. It can be used by both individual users and businesses, providing a virtual storage environment that greatly reduces admin costs. Users also get access to the Outlook Web app, which offers access to emails, calendars, contacts, and other useful features online or via the desktop client. System admins can also create shared mailboxes for employees.”


If your organisation wants to migrate from Lotus Notes Domino to Microsoft 365., rest assured that Velocity can guide you every step of the way.


We’re an official Microsoft partner and use the 365 Migrator to facilitate the seamless transfer of Domino Server data to the cloud. The 365 Migrator allows for the migration of multiple NSF databases in a single operation and also grants users the ability to save their Lotus Notes mailbox items in RTF, HTML, or Text format.


Additionally, our IT experts will oversee the migration of all versions of your Lotus Notes and Domino Server, as well as the migration of Lotus Notes groups and the SmartCloud Notes Server.


“Microsoft 365 is the most sensible option to adopt right now to become a modern workplace,” David said. “The company has so many other technologies in the pipeline—including the Microsoft 365 copilot. Though Copilot isn’t currently available to SMEs, it will eventually be available to this group. Businesses and professionals will be able to use Copilot’s natural language prompts shortly to get more things done and push their productivity to new heights.”


Eager to take the next step? Start the migration process by contacting one of our IT specialists.

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