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Recycling E-waste For A Better World

As we all become more environmentally aware, it’s becoming glaringly obvious the disposal of outdated computers, servers and hard drives poses both financial and environmental challenges.

Velocity Technology’s IT support team recognizes the importance of responsible technology management and advocates for e-waste recycling.  Many clients have already started adopting better practices.

Velocity is dialing up on these efforts to raise awareness and provide simple and efficient processes to help even more clients save money while contributing to a greener future.


The Environmental Impacts of E-waste Disposal

Improper disposal of e-waste has detrimental consequences for the environment. These devices contain metals, plastics, and toxic substances that can pollute soil and water if not disposed of properly. Additionally, the production of new technology and equipment contributes to resource depletion and greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable practices are crucial in the technology industry to address these environmental concerns.


Velocity Technology’s Simple Process for Recycling Hardware

Velocity Technology’s IT support team has developed a straightforward process to ensure the efficient recycling of outdated hardware, in particular hard drives. The steps involved include:

  1. Secure Data Destruction: All sensitive data stored on the hard drive is securely erased, protecting clients’ confidential information.
  2. Physical Destruction: If necessary, the hard drive is physically destroyed using methods that render it irretrievable, guaranteeing complete data privacy.
  3. Responsible Recycling: The remaining components of the hard drive are separated for recycling. Materials such as metals and plastics are processed and reused to minimize waste and conserve resources.


Financial Benefits for Clients

In particular by recycling e-waste, clients can benefit financially while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Velocity Technology’s IT support team is dedicated to promoting e-waste recycling as a simple and effective solution that benefits both clients and the environment.

Through secure data destruction and responsible recycling practices, Velocity Technology ensures that valuable resources are conserved and electronic waste is minimized.

By embracing the recycling process advocated by Velocity Technology, clients can save money, protect sensitive data, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Reference: BBC. (2021, January 13). The battle to recycle our old tech.


Published with permission from Source.

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