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Unleashing the Dragon’s Tech Arsenal: Velocity’s Top 5 IT Trends for 2024


As we soar into the Year of the Dragon, Velocity is geared up to ride the technological winds that are redefining IT. We bring you our top five conversation starters for 2024, each infused with the spirit of the mighty dragon and aimed at fortifying your business.


1. Zero Trust Data Protection: Embracing the Dragon’s Vigilance


In the spirit of the vigilant dragon, we’re seeing the emergence of Zero Trust data protection. In 2024, where connectivity knows no bounds, the concept of ‘circle of trust’ is obsolete. Bad actors are already inside the network. Enter providers such as Fenixpyre with Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) – a formidable security model that challenges conventional notions of network safety. It assumes a vigilant stance, presuming that every user or device, irrespective of their location, might pose a risk to an organization’s digital assets.


Zero Trust Architecture isn’t just a buzz-phrase; it’s a philosophy reshaping the way organisations approach cybersecurity.


2. Keeping Sophisticated Hackers at Bay: The Dragon’s Roar Against Cyber Threats


In the face of increasingly sophisticated hackers and scams, Velocity predicts a surge in the demand for robust cybersecurity measures tapping into the latest technology advances. Our recommendation to stay ahead is make time for strategic conversations with Velocity’s team on how best to fortify your defences against malicious entities.


Velocity’s fully managed IT services offering is embedded with security and risk management top of mind. However, there are times when businesses need a little more strategic counsel and training to stay safe. We’ve got your back.


3. Ride the Dragon’s Agile Wings to Adopt Microsoft 365


In the Year of the Dragon, agility is paramount. We encourage clients to adopt modern workplace tools and practices, allowing them to ride the agile wings of the dragon. Businesses are being presented with so many new tech innovations that it can be both confusing and overwhelming.


With the start of a new year, it’s important to get the house in order to be ready for future opportunities that compatible with latest technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) was a major tech disruptor in 2023, but many businesses don’t yet have solid foundations in place to make the most of what’s around the corner.


4. WhatsApp and Email Archiving for Compliance: Dragon’s Vigilant Gaze


Businesses in highly regulated sectors are increasingly recognizing the necessity of archiving WhatsApp and email communications. While these platforms offer convenience, they also demand responsibility. Like the dragon’s vigilant gaze, archiving ensures compliance, legal protection, data security, knowledge management, and audit trails.


We’ve partnered with Smarsh to introduce solutions that guard against the fiery risks of penalties, data loss, legal entanglements, reputation damage, and operational inefficiencies.


5. Heightened Focus on Identity Management: Dragon’s Embrace of Individuality


We foresee a heightened focus on identity management as the Dragon is charged with protecting your entire business kingdom, not just the castle. Old paradigms relying on infrastructure security and firewalls are giving way to a more holistic emphasis on identity security and protection.


In this age, identity extends beyond mere user profiles—it encompasses the recognition and secure entry to data. The focus is on guaranteeing that the correct individuals can access the right information, all while preserving the integrity of the data as it journeys through the digital landscape.


This is where tools like Microsoft Entra and Bitwarden come into play, enabling the provision of secure access and storage of relevant information.


It’s set to be a vibrant, powerful year ahead. Velocity is prepared to lead our clients through technological challenges and risk with innovations inspired by the dragon’s wisdom, strength, and vigilance. Contact us to continue the conversations.

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