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Velocity Partners with Bitwarden for Safer, Easier Password Management


Velocity Technology is excited to announce Bitwarden as its preferred partner for password management, offering a simpler solution to a common problem we all face – managing multiple passwords.


Let’s break down the challenges, the security risks, and why we chose Bitwarden to make your digital life safer and more convenient.


The Problem: Too Many Passwords


It’s mind boggling to contemplate we have passwords for everything – email, social media, bank accounts, work-related apps, and even simple online shopping accounts. Keeping track of all these passwords can be a real headache. People often use the same password for multiple accounts or write them down on sticky notes, which isn’t safe at all. This is where Bitwarden steps in to help.


Cybersecurity Risks


Using the same password for different accounts is risky, but hackers love this. If a hacker figures out your password for one account, they could potentially access all your other accounts. Writing down passwords can also lead to security breaches if someone finds your notes. Cybersecurity is crucial in today’s world, and Bitwarden takes it seriously.


The Business Case for Bitwarden


  1. Boosts Productivity


Easily share logins and vault items among teams, even for social media accounts and credit card info. No more chasing down temporary codes; Bitwarden’s authenticator simplifies access.


  1. Effortless Collaboration


Bitwarden Send ensures secure sharing of text and files, even with non-Bitwarden users. Protect sensitive information while collaborating internally and externally.


  1. Access Anywhere


Bitwarden offers cross-platform access and free cloud hosting for all your devices. Access your vault offline via a local cache or online via a web vault from anywhere with an internet connection.


  1. Time is Money


Save time with password management. Generate, store, and autofill passwords with a single keystroke, eliminating the need for sticky notes and password resets. Time saved compounds when sharing with teammates.


  1. Safe Teamwork


User groups and collections make sharing and managing logins intuitive. Grant specific permissions for password modifications, allowing team leads to handle changes without IT tickets


Bitwarden isn’t just a password manager; it’s your business’s ally in efficiency, security, and seamless collaboration. Make the smart move and fortify your digital kingdom with Bitwarden.


A Simple and Secure Solution


Bitwarden is like a digital lockbox for your passwords. It keeps your passwords safe and makes your life easier:


  1. Encryption


Bitwarden uses fancy encryption to keep your passwords and data safe. Only you can access your passwords – not even Bitwarden can see them.


  1. Single Sign-On (SSO)


Bitwarden now has something called Single Sign-On (SSO) with trusted devices. Imagine you have a magic key (your phone). With this magic key, you can unlock all your doors (your accounts) without needing lots of different keys (passwords). It’s like a super convenient password shortcut.


  1. Easy Implementation


Velocity’s IT Managed Services clients can tap into expert advice and support every step of the way to adopt Bitwarden for their business so there is very little effort required or distraction for business leaders.



Contact us to learn more about Bitwarden and IT Managed Services. 

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