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Case Study: Implementing New Technology for Leading Hong Kong Law Firm Hugill & Ip


Find out how Velocity helped Hugill & Ip accelerate their growth implementing cloud-first technology to establish a secure, modern workplace.


Established in 2018, Hugill & Ip has been providing bespoke legal advice and exceptional client services to individuals, families, and businesses in Hong Kong and internationally. The firm’s dedicated practice areas include dispute resolution, commercial litigation, employment and immigration issues, wealth management, and family disputes. 


Founded on a strong commitment to differentiating themselves as “outside the box” thinkers and legal practitioners, Hugill & Ip has won numerous accolades for their outstanding work. The firm has been recognised multiple times by Asian Legal Business and was awarded by The Law Society of Hong Kong for their pro bono service to the community.


The firm has grown rapidly since its inception, from just 17 employees to over 50 employees. 


Why law firms need managed IT services 


Modern law firms benefit when fully managed IT services set up and maintain their IT infrastructure since it helps them streamline their operations and optimise costs. Fully managed IT services are also more cost-efficient compared to more expensive in-house models. 


Moreover, with the increasing digitisation of legal processes and the sensitivity of client data, robust cybersecurity measures are essential. Managed IT services can counter any threats through continuous monitoring and threat detection.


Just as importantly, managed IT services offer scalability, ensuring that law firms can adapt their IT resources as their needs evolve without significant upfront investments


From the very beginning, Hong Kong-based law firm Hugill & Ip trusted Velocity to lay the foundation of their IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. By adopting a cloud-first approach and leveraging the most cutting-edge technologies and security approaches, Hugill & Ip was able to establish a secure and agaile modern workplace.


How Velocity laid a strong IT foundation for Hugill & Ip


According to James Dwyer, Velocity’s COO, Hugill & Ip presented Velocity with a unique opportunity to lead with modern technology. “The firm was a completely greenfield project. Hence, we didn’t have to worry about managing legacy systems or legacy platforms,” James said.


“We went into this with a strong cloud-first approach, which meant that we were able to leverage all of the latest technologies and security approaches when establishing the IT infrastructure for Hugill & Ip.”


Velocity made sure that all of Hugill & Ip’s systems-including its CRM, billing, and legal case management systems-were easily and securely accessible on the cloud. Moreover, Velocity’s commitment to implementing a cloud-first approach-coupled with a distributed networking environment and storage system-allowed the firm to seamlessly transition to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Migration to Egnyte 


Velocity initially set up Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for emails, file sharing, and communication, but the firm quickly outgrew these services. Velocity then moved the firm to Egnytea cloud-based solution that gives organisations governance, security, compliance, and collaboration capabilities over its content. 


Egnyte’s powerful and scalable file management system allows organisations to store, organise, and access files with ease. Just as importantly, solicitors and support staff can securely collaborate on legal cases both in-office and remotely. 


Equipped with UniFi


Velocity also equipped Hugill & Ip’s three offices with UniFi-a highly scalable Wi-Fi platform that allows IT administrators to seamlessly manage hundreds of access points-all while establishing a centralised administration system. 


Integration with Microsoft Teams 


The Velocity team made a point of integrating Hugill & Ip’s telephone systems with Microsoft Teams. This type of integration wasn’t previously available in Hong Kong. “This integration was something we developed for Hugill & Ip internally,” James said. “There’s no precedent and I don’t know anybody else that is offering this service.”


This integration ensures that all employees have access to low-cost, IP-based international dialling, regardless of their location. 


“We went into this with a strong cloud-first approach, which meant that we were able to leverage all of the latest technologies and security approaches when establishing the IT infrastructure for Hugill & Ip.”


James Dwyer, COO at Velocity 


The result: a more dynamic and efficient law firm 


Velocity’s strong guidance helped Hugill & Ip incorporate the best legal technology into its internal processes. This resulted in a more dynamic and efficient organisation that is fully compliant with the rules set by The Law Society of Hong Kong. 


“Having a strong IT partner has added immense value to our business, particularly helping us stay true and flexible, supporting our aspiration for being seen as modern, outside-the-box thinkers,” notes Marco Raccuia, Chief Operating Officer at Hugill & Ip. “Velocity has been pivotal to helping the firm differentiate itself by applying secure, yet scalable, IT infrastructure that ultimately helps us increase client satisfaction and deliver timely results. 


“Velocity provided thoughtful planning in the beginning, helping us make the right IT investments. This, in turn, has positively impacted our firm’s efficiency and ability to provide effective legal counsel to our clients. Based on general feedback, our clients say they appreciate the quick turnaround in financial statements and billings, helping them settle their accounts more quickly.”


By taking full responsibility for Hugill & Ip’s technology needs, the firm was able to focus on growing its practice—transforming the firm into one of the top law firms in Hong Kong and earning it prominent positions in The Legal 500.


“From the very beginning, we set out daring to be different as a modern law firm. Having a strong IT partner has added immense value to our business. Velocity has been pivotal to our organisation’s digital transformation, helping us increase client satisfaction and deliver timely results.” 


Marco Raccuia, Chief Operating Officer at Hugill & Ip


Interested in learning more about Velocity’s bespoke, fully-managed IT services? Get in touch for free consultation.

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