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Safeguarding Business Kingdoms through Identity Management


Get ready to embrace in a new era for IT where identity management is becoming increasingly crucial in safeguarding your business.


Traditional approaches centered around infrastructure security and firewalls are being replaced by a more comprehensive focus on identity security and protection.


Identity, in this context, encompasses not just user identities but also the identification and secure access to data. It involves ensuring that the right individuals can access the right information while also protecting the integrity of that data during transit.


Kingdom over Castle


In the past, the metaphor of a businesses was that of a castle. Organizations relied on a castle-like office servers with a firewall acting a moat to safeguard their assets.


However, with the shift towards distributed computing and cloud-based services, digital assets are no longer confined within the castle’s walls. So, now we treat businesses as kingdoms, not castles any more.


Protecting your business kingdom necessitates a shift in security emphasis from the office perimeter, to protecting data wherever it resides – both at the point of entry and throughout its journey.


The need for robust security extends beyond physical boundaries. While firewalls may provide protection within the office, executives carrying laptops on business trips or accessing resources remotely need a more flexible and secure identity management solution.


Enter Microsoft Entra and Bitwarden


This is where tools like Microsoft Entra and Bitwarden come into play, enabling the provision of secure access and storage of relevant information.


With Velocity at your side, identity management involves managing access policies and ensuring conditional access to resources across a global network like the internet.


It encompasses securing the transmission of data and enforcing policies during transit. This end-to-end security approach goes beyond traditional VPNs and encryption, focusing on protecting individual identities rather than just the assets within a centralized location.


Microsoft Entra, a family of multi-cloud identity and network access solutions, offers a simplified approach to identity management. It enables organizations to protect, monitor, and audit access to critical assets while ensuring employee productivity.


We recently teamed up with Bitwarden as our preferred partner for password management, offering a simpler solution to a common problem we all face – managing multiple passwords.


By embracing this fundamental shift in security focus towards identity management, organizations can better safeguard their business kingdoms and protect both their people and assets.


Contact us to learn more identity management and how Velocity can help shape your path to long term success.

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